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chloe says: get outta my tent! :D


Video made by me + my best friend:


Dec. 16th, 2010 06:00 pm
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I still write here every week but it's all locked. Also posting at sleepyneuf.tumblr. So if you have a tumblr and we've been friends for a long time (hey, I've had this journal since January 2001) feel free to add me and I'll do the same.

Here's an ornament I made using the my paper crane tutorial.

<3, Neuf
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it's made out of old floppy discs!
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so steven and i are about to become 2nd time kitten parents. we're adopting a little snowshoe/siamese cat i fell in love with on petfinder. we had some arguments about why we shouldn't get a turkish angora (he's allergic and they have crazy amounts of hair.. and there weren't any he liked for hundreds of miles).

we went on wednesday night to meet the kitten. wow, she's even cuter in person and i can't wait. we bought a ton of new stuff cause the lady was pretty strict about what she should eat and play with. whateva. we'll see what she likes and go with that. tanuki bypassed the expensive dry food to eat his iams. who knows.

oh yeah, since i got to pick her steve is naming her crooklyn. ridiculous.

hopefully this will be good. i know tanuki misses kamakazi since we moved. look at those two.. tanuki looks pretty good in his bandana.
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since my digital camera is broken i give you: fuji instax photos.

it's funny cause no one knows who justin's kissing. not even justin.

stax )
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50 bucks.. it was under "gothic lolita maid". it doesn't look so slutty, right? now i just need a wig!
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is that there are girl scouts. and where there are girl scouts.. there are cookies.

i got mine today and i have to say that it was 8 dollars well spent. i should've gotten more than just one box of samoas and tagalongs!

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well, i'm really tired and i am going to post things i want to buy when i have money. unfortunately, that may be farther off than once imagined since i bought a year's worth of AAA car insurance today and have rent due at the end of the month. anyway, here are the things i'll get eventually..

malm nightstand + dresser:

nara clock:

nara cups:

dzama sad ghost salt & pepper shakers:

these things for ipod headphones:

(oh, and an ipod cause mine is old and almost dead) HAH.

snail tape dispenser:

the last two are inspired by amanda's new job at fredflare. yessss!
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sorry i'm posting this here but i don't feel like putting it up elsewhere.. so please ignore. also ignore the disgusting mess that has become my apartment.

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AND i uploaded a lot of videos today to you tube, including joey losing his first girl arm wrestling match and captain impaler, episodes 1 and 2.
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sometimes i think a battle between pokey and tanuki would be like darth vader vs. luke skywalker, without the paternity issues.

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Love this.

"Adolf Hitler (Aprile 20, 1889 - Aprile 30, 1945) wis the dictator o Nazi Germany an leader o the Nazi Pairtie. Frae 1933 tae 1945 he wis forbye Chancellor o Germany, heid o govrenment, an heid o state. Hitler is an important leader in warld history. On his order, millions o people wis murdered in the Holocaust. He committed suicide (kilt hissel) in Berlin afore his airmy wis defeated."
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reports are that the front of his face are also consistent with mask & mantle... ut ohzz.
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grad school is feeling bad for reading a book.
grad school is taking night classes and getting out late when trains are ready to fuck up.
grad school is leaving your house at 6 am and getting back at 9 or 10 pm.
grad school is neglecting your cat, who is also your best friend.
grad school is loohcs darg.

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Upa crawls around armed with a magic rattle. When an enemy is struck with this rattle weapon, it inflates like a balloon and slowly floats away to the top of the screen. When inflated, enemies can then be used as temporary floating platforms to climb to higher places or used as weapons if they are pushed. He can also become temporarily invincible and gain the ability to walk if he obtains a special power-up.

this was it!!!!! what i played!

my bestfriend was from an american family who moved to hong kong for a few years. and she had famicom. and this was our favorite game ever.. and i've never been able to play or find it because i didn't know japanese. we just called it "the baby game". but renz found it. god, the day this game got scratched we both cried. i loved the level where you eat through cake. and i loved hitting the pigs with the rattle and flying ont hem!

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