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last night mike and i were walking on a bridge over a highway and we found a small cat. he was really friendly and i ended up taking him home. so now tanuki is at mike's and this guy is at my place. he's getting neutered and checked for fiv/felv on sunday for $35, which is pretty great. i hope they also deworm him? i dunno how it works. so far i've cleaned his coat, given him a flea collar, brushed his hair, clipped his nails, and gotten him to eat a few times. not quite sure when he's going to use the litter box but i hope he figures it out easily. he really likes this tent nikr gave me for tanuki.. so when i find him a home i think i'll give him the tent.


Aug. 3rd, 2006 11:47 pm
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things are going well at my farm. this is me with my cow: nikr, sheep: meech, and horse: joe.

and my chickens named runis, mr. maz, and fran. i also now have a chick named melissa (not pictured).

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dotty moved out. i am beside myself. i'm leaving this wifi world forever.
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so i know the zine my friends and i are making is slow coming.. but i promise the pay off will be huge.

besides michael showalter we have a 2nd big guest artist. ian mckaye. it truely is a rock-n-roll zine. apparently the cat he drew looks like a warthog. if i hadn't had so much work i could've asked henry rollins too. pat got cold feet. haha.
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"Raymond’s a schitzoid paraphraphris." -The Dog, Bounty Hunter
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So I just found out I'm in the credits under production assistant for Dog, Season 2 and 3, Family Plots, Season 2, and King of Cars, Season 1. Mr. M offered to put me on IMDB. Get to it, Mr. M! I'm living the good life now....

Thnx for the icons everyone, I'll add them here or to neufus_d_murder when I get home.
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This is for Mike T's cat, who is very sick right now. If the money goes over (I doubt it) he says refunds are fine. You can use this as a Xmas gift to him or anything. Even a dollar is nice. Sorry to ask for money, I feel really awkward doing this.. but the cat is more important. He's at the vet now and will be there probably for the rest of the week. Thanks for reading ♥

WOW. thank you so much heather & fran & michelle & nikr!!!! I LOVE YOU ALL.

it's nice to know that people can be really caring about other people's pets. seven thanks you from the bay ridge animal clinic. <333333333333 expect awesome thank you cards from mike t.
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there's purple under my eyes from watching late night old school degrassi jh 3 days in a row.

so worth it.

baby speech

Oct. 7th, 2005 12:38 am
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grace c., age 3 years 1 month. tuesday, october 4, 2005.

how hard i'm doing it. i really am.
all done!
i started to build..
here we go for the jumpy jump jump!
i jumped!
here's the baby sister!
but she's in my tummy right now.
look, we have to wait for her to get out of my tummy.
look, she's a little baby!
you have to be gentle.
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mr. pudding..

so lately there's been evidence of tanukis playing with his large bird baby. today he confirmed this.. carrying it into my room by the neck. so cute! he's been a little more aggressive lately (esp. with random biting?) and this morning i yelled at him for walking up to my arm and taking a chomp. well, he ran out of the room and went for his baby. so now i know what to do when he's like that. throw a toy cockatiel at him!

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no one gets a clock now!

sick neuf

Sep. 11th, 2005 02:25 pm
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i drew some love dunnises. i have named them the following: neuf, mr. maz, and ana. i did not plan on them turning into me or friends.. it just happened. mr. maz looks like that irl. and i always wear a bunny suit. ana is in winter gear cuz she's from russia and it's cold there!

be sure to blow your nose!

and have some tea too.

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steal the sauce!

green! drink! judi!

um, we're awesome?

santa!? what? he's a nut!!
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