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sorry i'm posting this here but i don't feel like putting it up elsewhere.. so please ignore. also ignore the disgusting mess that has become my apartment.

futon: $30, good for one person sleeping over. sides fold down to make a bed. i've slept on it before.. it's pretty comfortable. i will clean off the cat hair, but if you are allergic to cats you might not want this. CLAIMED Chris

thing to put microwave on and store stuff in: $20, this has been quite useful to me

desk: $75, this is kind of expensive but it's a really nice desk and i could probably get more on craigslist for it. i will offer it to friends first though. best friend price just like in china. lol.

coffee table + 2 end tables: $30, a picture of them in my old apartment, and new apartment. i'm so sorry for this gross mess.. CLAIMED Chris

this bookshelf thingy: $20, it's good for dvds and books. again, i've been throwing things on it. sorry! CLAIMED Aaron

FREE: random pile of stuff

includes hair straightener, power drill (unless baruni wants me to ship this back to him), food, vases, iron & ironing board, my old printer canon i860 (needs black ink but has color), poster and picture frames, waffle maker, lamp, george foreman (has had meat cooked on it although not in last 1.5 years), and some various food products + more.

Sharon- iron & printer
Dan- dvd player & window fan
Jose- all painting stuff
Roberto- picture frames
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